the merz group - branding at work

<b>Andy Merz</b><br/><i>Principal</i>   <b>Mary Kate Lo Conte</b><br/><i>Director of Account Service</i>   <b>Noreen Cahalane</b><br/><i>Sr Acct Executive/Media Director</i>   <b>Michelle McAnally</b><br/><i>Traffic & Production Manager</i>
<b>Catherine McQuail</b><br/><i>Account Executive</i>   <b>Kelly Delaney</b><br/><i>Account Executive</i>   <b>Raymond Olah</b><br/><i>Director of Interactive Services</i>   <b>Erin Hazley</b><br/><i>Interactive/Graphic Designer</i>
<b>Jon Moore</b><br/><i>Interactive/Graphic Designer</i>   <b>Kristen McCabe</b><br/><i>Interactive/Graphic Designer</i>   <b>Paul Barrera</b><br/><i>Interactive/Graphic Designer</i>  

We are small + smart.

We’ve grown over the past 20 years, with a core team in place. Our staff is split evenly between designers and account strategists. Clients stay with us for our sound thinking, on-target design, service and value. We listen well and enjoy what we do.