Brand Audit

brand audit by Philadelphia branding firmAs a full-service branding firm we conduct brand audits as part of our process to see where the brand is and where it needs to go to be successful. We look at the current market situation and what is making the competition successful. We dig into the attributes, features and benefits of the brand. Who is the target audience and what needs are we meeting or not meeting? What is the brand’s current perception and does it match reality?

The Brand Audit is a key component of our proprietary “BranDNA” process which enables us to uncover the uniqueness of a brand and translate it into a memorable and strategic campaign in the marketplace. To move up the ladder in a prospect’s mind, you have to distill your core message down to a relevant and differentiated promise, your DNA, if you will, that is yours and yours alone. This step-by-step approach assures that the entire branding process works cohesively and is focused on end results. Our clients love the process and the end result.